Captain America 4 Gets Worrying Update That Raises Red Flag about New Movie’s Quality

Captain America 4 Gets Worrying Update That Raises Red Flag about New Movie's Quality

Captain America 4 Gets Worrying Update That Raises Red Flag about New Movie’s Quality

2025’s Captain America: Brave New World’s latest production update signals that Marvel Studios isn’t fully confident with the entirety of the film in its current state.

Following 2024’s Deadpool & WolverineCaptain America 4 is set to be the first of four MCU movies hitting theaters in 2025. However, concerns are growing amongst the fan base about whether the sequel will live up to the MCU’s quality standard.

While Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did his best to quell fans’ worries about the franchise’s future in late 2023, Captain America 4‘s production updates have not helped.

Captain America 4 Update Worries Fans About Quality

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Captain America: Brave New World
Marvel Studios

On May 29, Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Brave New World officially started reshoots scheduled ahead of the film’s February 14, 2025 release date.

A post from Atlanta Filming on Instagram confirmed this update with vague pictures from the set, but it also included the caption, “Here is Cap4. Day 1… of many.”

Additionally, the account responded to a question about this being the second reshoot for the film, indicating it was “reshoot 1” and calling it the “first day of the first set of reshoots.”

The Hollywood Reporter later in its Heat Vision newsletter clarified that the reshoots would span a substantial 22 days.

In December 2023, Deadline shared that Marvel planned to rewrite and reshoot much of the movie, hiring writer Matthew Orton to rework the script before the reshoots.

While it’s currently unclear how long this set of reshoots will last, the second comment indicated there may be another round of shooting following this stint.

What Will Happen in Captain America 4?

Captain America 4 has had no shortage of issues before and during production, including the inclusion of controversial comic character Sabra in the cast.

Fans also expect a new round of villains, even after set videos showed completely different actors and characters in the initial round of shooting.

Thankfully, this change did not remove Tim Blake Nelson’s Leader, one of multiple characters being brought back from The Incredible Hulk as that movie is finally revisited.

From what fans have seen in the early footage, reactions have been quite positive. Many early reviews highlight the action and thriller themes.

How good the final cut turns out to be is still anybody’s guess, with at least one round of reshoots coming. Still, viewers are still hoping for the best from this hotly anticipated sequel.

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