Survivor 47 Release, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Survivor 47 Release, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Survivor 47 Release, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

This is everything known about Season 47 of Survivor, following the recent conclusion to Survivor 46.

Having premiered in 2000, Survivor is one of the longest-running active reality shows that still draws in a massive audience.

The intrigue of watching strangers have to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other has stayed relevant following its 46th season. Luckily, Survivor 47 is shaping up to be another wild adventure full of physical challenges, growling stomachs, and game-changing alliances.

When Will Survivor 47 Be Released?

Survivor Jeff Probst poster

Survivor 47 is expected to return this fall on CBS and Paramount+, airing on its usual Wednesday release days.

Although the exact premiere date is unconfirmed, based on the pattern since Season 41, it is likely to debut in late September, potentially around September 25 or October 2.

Similar to Season 46, the new season is expected to feature a reduced 26-day gameplay with 18 contestants in three tribes.

In addition, Season 47 will likely maintain the new 90-minute episode standard, with the possibility of some two-hour episodes.

Filming for the season is currently underway in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, taking place between early May and early July, confirmed by CBS.

Who Is Cast in Survivor 47?

No surprise here, Jeff Probst is confirmed to return as the host for Survivor Season 47.

The cast members for the upcoming season are currently unconfirmed, but there is a rumored list via Inside Survivor.

Survivor 47 will not feature returning players, so this unconfirmed list of contestants will be 18 new castaways. Aysha Welch and Jon Lovett are confirmed based on the new season’s trailer:

  • Andy Rueda
  • Anika Dhar
  • Aysha Welch
  • Gabe Ortis
  • Genevieve Mushaluk
  • Jerome Cooney
  • Jon Lovett
  • Rachel LaMont
  • Sam Phalen
  • Sierra Wright
  • Solomon Yi
  • Sue Smey
  • Teeny Chirichillo
  • Terran ‘TK’ Foster
  • Tiyana Hallums

Aysha Welch is a podcast host known for her work on Rob Has a Podcast, where she discusses various reality TV shows, including Survivor. Jon Lovett is the co-founder of Crooked Media and the host of the political podcast Pod Save America.

What To Expect in Survivor 47

The First Look Trailer for Survivor 47 was released following the finale for 46. In many ways, it was par for the course for fans of the series, with many new faces excitedly talking about what they want to accomplish in the new season.

The teaser featured dramatic scenes of carving and welding, symbolizing the players’ journey to leave their mark.

The cast includes a diverse array of contestants, such as a pageant queen, a self-proclaimed “anti-Ozzy” with no outdoor skills, and someone threatening (metaphorically) to burn down the island.

Via Entertainment Weekly, Probst shared his excitement about the 18 new contestants, noting how this is the time when they “turn the entire show over to them:”

“One of the most enjoyable parts of making ‘Survivor’ is that you spend nearly a year looking for new players and then day 1 arrives and you turn the entire show over to them!”

As Survivor 47 is currently filming, Probst doesn’t even know what to fully expect, saying it’s their job to “be there to tell their stories:”

“We never have any idea what will happen! It’s their game to play and we’ll be there to tell their stories!”

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