Why Is Ash Unavailable In Brawl Stars?

Why Is Ash Unavailable In Brawl Stars?

Why Is Ash Unavailable In Brawl Stars?

Ash in Brawl Stars has been disabled, making the character unavailable for fans to play.

From developer Supercell (of Clash of Clans fame), the online multiplayer action game sees players taking control of adorable warriors in various game modes going up against AI and human opponents online in Bomberman-like arenas.

As a part of the hit mobile game, gamers can unlock a myriad of unique characters through gameplay, buying them individually, or getting them through the various battle passes within the game.

Why Is Ash Not Available In Brawl Stars?

Ash sweeping a can in Brawl Stars

Fans have noticed Ash has been disabled in Supercell’s Brawl Stars mobile game.

The adorable fighting robot character Ash, is unavailable to play as of May 28, with no indication of when the Brawl Stars warrior will return.

Ash was first made playable for players as a part of the Season 8 Brawl Pass in late 2021 but has been causing issues in the community lately.

The reason for the character’s removal seems to be due to a bug that is causing games to crash during duels.

Essentially, there have been instances of the Brawl Stars launcher shutting down if a player selects Ash and jumps into battle, and Supercell deemed the only way to fix the problem (for now) was to remove him entirely.

Developer Supercell took to X (formerly Twitter) explaining this game-breaking bug was the reason for the move:

Heads up, we have temporarily disabled Ash from being played in the Duels game mode, due to an issue where he would crash the game.

Another set of characters in the game known as The Twins (Larry and Lawrie) also seemed to be causing a similar problem, but fans have speculated Ash was chosen to be disabled as he had the lower play rate between the two.

Ash’s unavailability sparked fervent blowback from the game’s community.

Fans are not necessarily mad Ash has been disabled; however, their frustration seems to stem from the lack of information being made public by the game’s developer Supercell.

The mobile game giant has remained tight-lipped since removing Ash, and no estimate of when the character will return has been made public.

When Will Ash Return to Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars key art with characters posing for battle

At the time of writing (more than 12 hours after Ash’s removal), the character remains disabled in the game.

The Brawl Stars team has not revealed any sort of timeline for when a fix will be pushed to the public, but one can assume it will be soon.

Supercell is one of the biggest mobile game developers in the world, so it is not as though they do not have the resources to fix something like this expediently.

That is not to take away from the severity of this issue.

The Ash bug was big enough for the development team to take the extreme measure of temporarily stripping the character out of the game entirely.

While it was a bold move by Supercell, it seemed to be necessary.

Hopefully, the development team can find out what is causing the issues and release an update to the game in the coming days, bringing Ash back into the multiplayer action.

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